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Where do you start your typical DQ initiative?

You should start by understanding the quality of the existing data. This is best done by conducting a formal objective Data Assessment. Place a stake in the ground and determine the current quality of an aspect of your data that is critical to your business processes. Conduct a Data Assessment and measure the quality of the Data.

On completion of the assessment you will be able to:

  • Provide accurate, complete measures of the current quality of the data
  • Report statistics and findings in summary scorecards and detailed tables
  • Identify the problems that exist within the data
  • Identify actions that can be taken to further analyse and improve the quality

When presenting your results:

  • Start with the end in sight
  • Interpret the results where possible and relate to business :
    • What risks exist due to the problems identified?
    • What costs are being incurred due to these issues?
    • What potential benefits would fixing the problems provide?
  • Identify which areas are being impacted by the problems and should support improvement activity being implemented
  • Consider who will benefit from Data Quality improvement, directly and indirectly
  • Report the statistics graphically where possible for ease of understanding

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