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In today’s fast-paced digital world, the governance and management of an organisation’s data assets has become imperative. Business strategies can no longer ignore the vital importance of reliable, well-organised data to enable and ensure successful and valuable digital transformation, analytics, customer experience and operations. Through over a decade of experience, InfoBluePrint has developed proven approaches and methodologies to getting data under control, and delivered multiple large-scale data management solutions using various technologies, to some of South Africa’s largest organisations.

What We Do


We help you manage Data Quality as an ongoing process, which benefits every business area. We ensure that your business information is reliable, complete, consistent, current and correctly interpreted.


We ensure that all parts of your organisation are working in collaboration with each other, within clearly defined and assigned roles, responsibilities and processes. We help you to govern and manage data with the same rigour as other valuable assets such as finance and people.


We understand that as technology and requirements change, data engineering and migration become key, especially when re configuring platforms. We improve and reconcile data to ensure it complies with all new requirements and achieves the expected business benefits.


A Data Architecture that includes Master Data Management (MDM) hubs significantly improves an organisation’s ability to sustain high quality data and can be a powerful enabler for achieving compliance and successful digital strategies.
Data Quality Governance and Management

Our Impact

Companies that we have helped embrace formal and mature Information Management Practices have experienced the benefits that come with quality-assured data.

We properly manage and control data as a critical business asset, resulting in:

Optimised Business Processes

Managed Cost



Enhanced Customer Experience

Increased Opportunities



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What Our Clients Have To Say

InfoBlueprint, provided the Media24 SAP Advertising project with data migration and quality assessment services. The challenge of working with 4 instances of legacy data which had to be migrated into a single ERP instance was successfully executed within the tight project schedule constraints.
Henk Laker
Project Manager
It has been a pleasure working with the consultants from InfoBluePrint, as they always acted in a professional manner and they have added value to Santam with their expert knowledge and dedication.
Herman Ferreira
MDM Specialist
I am highly pleased with the professional manner in which your team interacts with us and it is a pleasure to work with people who consistently made extra efforts to assist us in completing our project on time.
Lisel Engelbrecht
Customer Info Management

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