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Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) assists global businesses of all sizes in various industry verticals with workforce planning, analysis, and execution.

Workday Human Capital Management,, includes:
Resources Management
Talent Management
Workforce Planning & Analytics

The challenge

Any implementation of a new enterprise application, such as Workday, needs data from legacy HCM systems to be migrated into the new environment and data structures. The challenges experienced by organisations include:

  • Not being fully aware of the scope and magnitude of a large and complex migration
  • Having target data structures and rules being usually significantly different to those of the legacy sources, making the data migration process require extensive data manipulation and transformation
  • Legacy data being frequently fraught with data quality problems that need to be remediated before going live with such data in the new Workday environment
  • Even with an implementation partner, you, as the client, are still responsible for addressing legacy data quality issues

The solution

InfoBluePrint takes responsibility on behalf of the Workday client for:

  • Data quality assessments on multiple sources of data
  • Verifying the mapping of source data to Workday structures for loading
  • Automating the ETL for data loading to Workday
  • Data quality assessment on data to be loaded to Workday
  • The reconciliation processes (source to staging, staging to Workday)
  • Data governance and auditing related aspects to the project
  • Source data remediation: assessment, programmatic cleansing and oversight and monitoring
  • Validating Workday data for downstream system integration purposes
  • Post implementation: integrate the Workday Data Quality process and metrics into the HC Data Warehouse for permanent Workday DQ monitoring
  • All the data migration requirements for a new associated Payroll system, if applicable

InfoBluePrint’s end-to-end Workday Data Migration services

Having performed several large and complex data migrations for various organisations on a number of different platforms, InfoBluePrint have applied their proven methodology and experience to data migrations required specifically for Workday implementations. There are some unique characteristics associated with a Workday data migration, some of which are subtle and best planned for early in the process.

Furthermore, our many years of experience with Data Quality Management has also allowed us to build an extensive library of immediately useable data quality validations required for the Workday data migration and target environment, which will save considerable time and effort in loading high quality data into Workday.

How we do it

InfoBluePrint have developed a tried and tested Data Migration Methodology. The Methodology is based on our Data Migration Framework (below) which defines all the components we believe to be important when migrating data. We start with a Pre-Migration Preparation Process, which includes developing a Data Migration Strategy and a Data Assessment of the legacy data if necessary.

The Data Migration Strategy defines the Scope of Data to be migrated and the approach in terms of the Extract, Cleanse, Transform & Load (ECTL) and the Supporting Processes. The ECTL Process is the main Data Migration Process. The Support Processes are integral parts of each of the ECTL Processes. This results in the assurance that the Data Migration Process is auditable, tested, and also fully enabled for both cutover and user acceptance.

Pre Migration Data Assessment
Data Migration Architectures
Data Migration Strategy
ECTL Process
Data Cleansing
Audit Control and Reconciliation
User Acceptance

We advocate an iterative approach to Data Migration. The approach must be automated, productionised, and should require minimal human intervention. Download the brochure for deeper insight into our Workday Migration Service.

The bottom line

We are a partner that helps you produce accelerated, repeatable, and trustworthy data migrations to Workday. We will provide leadership and guidance to enable Workday clients to ramp up internal capabilities faster and without costly mistakes. We develop a solid foundation for an adaptive and iterative approach to migrating data to Workday, requiring less effort and time.

Furthermore, we provide better quality, fully reconciled and audited data that enable better and more efficient configuration and testing, as well as more successful implementation and long-term value. Our Workday Migration Service delivers pre-defined and proven extended data validations for Workday for South African and African problems. You can rest assured knowing that you will also benefit from:

  • Support on sourcing data from legacy systems
  • Assistance on Africa-wide countries, not just South Africa
  • Help with architecture, mapping, migration of new (post Workday go-live) BI requirements
  • Receiving PECI file integration mappings and transformations
  • Avoiding costly mistakes late in the process
  • Supporting a successful and high-value Workday implementation

Need to discover how we can help your organisation successfully migrate data to Workday? Please get in touch:


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