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Data Governance

We ensure that all parts of your organisation are working in collaboration with each other, within clearly defined and assigned roles, responsibilities and processes. We help you to govern and manage data with the same rigour you use to govern other valuable assets such as finance and people.

What It Entails

Implementing Data Governance across the enterprise is uncharted territory for most organisations, and therefore presents new challenges that require specialised skills. Among the steps that your organisation will have to undertake are:

  • Develop, publish, enact and maintain a set of corporate policies, rules and procedures on Data and Information Management

  • Establish and allocate roles and responsibilities for Data Governance related tasks, such as data stewardship

  • Train and enable staff to understand and execute their Data Governance responsibilities

  • Implement cohesive data and information architecture, linking the data model and the business model to identify all places where information is defined, created, modified and used

  • Keep an audit trail of all data movement and monitor the quality status of the various data domains

  • Implement appropriate data management KPIs and reporting mechanisms

How InfoBluePrint Can Help

Master Data Governance
Establish a DG structure to comply with PoPI
Educate & coach all levels of staff
Conduct Information Management maturity assessments
Data Governance (DG)
Design & implement Data Management processes, roles, responsibilities & supporting
Develop a Data Management strategy
implement & monitor DG policies & business

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