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InfoBluePrint has partnered with Semarchy, leaders in Master Data Management (MDM). Semarchy’s Unified Data Platform enables organisations of any size to quickly discover, govern, manage, integrate, and report on critical information scattered across multiple siloed applications. The platform includes xDM for Master Data Management and xDI for Data Integration, helping you to rapidly unlock your data’s full value and make data governance a breeze!

The result? 80% of clients have a fully functioning MDM solution in under 10 weeks, 63% of Semarchy MDM clients leverage multiple use cases and an 80% reduction in development time and a 60% reduction in maintenance costs.

Let InfoBluePrint’s information management implementation expertise help you set up, configure and integrate the Semarchy platform into your organisation.

The Semarchy platform includes:

  • A Unified Data Platform – solving business problems caused by data quality challenges across many siloed applications
  • Data Governance – delivering one trusted source of truth with baked-in data quality
  • Data Management – handling data about everything in one powerful place
  • Data Integration – leveraging data from virtually any application or system
  • Cloud Data Management – as a service, or on premise, depending on the business requirement


Enable data-driven collaboration with organised, enriched and validated data.

Flexible options put you in control from the cloud to SaaS and on-premise.

Ensure data quality with built-in intuitive governance processes.

Make better business decisions with secure dashboards for data-driven insights.

Onboard and document all data sources to unlock business value.

Move data across systems effortlessly to support any integration use case.


All-in-one platform
Handle data projects holistically, from inception to iteration. Integrate and transform data from any source. Define quality policies and create collaborative governance. Manage all data initiatives in a single environment.

Zero code required
Serve teams faster with no-code configuration of queries, workflows, and more. Design easy-to-read dashboards that visualise data to reveal data-driven insights.

Adaptive and secure
Design data applications with workflows, permissions, and more at the pace of business. Role-based permissions offer secure access to the right users. Reporting traceability, lineage, and historicization make compliance simple.

Open and extensible
Blend and enrich data from any source and leverage any technology or service with standard APIs. Support batch or real-time bi-directional integration and leverage the capabilities of our Unified Data Platform for any application.

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For more information on the Semarchy platform, visit: Let InfoBluePrint help you fast-track your Data Management project, both architecturally and programmatically - helping you to plan, design and build a sustainable Data Quality and MDM solution.

Need to discover how we can help your organisation implement Semarchy? Please get in touch:


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