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The Augmented Data Quality Platform To Manage Data Smarter

InfoBluePrint has partnered with, the leading innovator providing an augmented data quality platform for enterprises to manage data smarter and leverage an immediate ROI. DQLabs, with a Data Quality First approach, helps organisations connect, discover, measure, monitor, remediate and improve data quality across any type of data – all in one agile and innovative self-service platform!

The result? Data unification and improved collaboration and governance to help you discover, trust and consume data at ease.

Augmented Data Platform To Manage 
Data Smarter

DQLabs uses innovative AI decisioning in data management and provides a single comprehensive platform that learns and adapts to your specific data culture. The DQLabs platform not only re-aligns as business strategy shifts, but also provides the ability to pinpoint the root-cause of issues to the source with self-service capabilities.

DQLab’s partnership with InfoBluePrint allows us to provide your organisation with both a cutting-edge data management product and data quality implementation services for a 360-degree solution that helps increase revenue through managing your entire Data Quality Life Cycle.

You will enjoy a modern stack DQ tool that goes beyond simple data observability. DQLab is built on Spark/Databricks, Python Django and Postgres and is truly unique in its use of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to self-learn and auto-classify attributes and rule applications – leading to what is now called “Augmented Data Quality” by Gartner. It has innovative features such as Automated Semantics Discovery, Auto-tagging, Automatic Rules Identification, Auto PII Sensitivity Classification and associated Data Masking.

DQ Labs Cogs

1. Smart Connectors
Connect to unlimited data sources in any form, shape or location

2. Semantic Discovery
Auto-discover rules by semantic identification and classification

3. Measure Data Quality
Evaluation of all attributes across subjective and objective data quality rules & dimensions

4. Monitor Drift & Behaviour Analysis Continuous DQ monitoring using different types of anomaly detections across for example length, pattern, null and blank

5. Remediate & Improve Data Quality
Remediate Data Quality Issues by cleaning, enriching and merging good records using ML-based Smart Curation and Self Learning

6. Business Dashboards & Insights
Outcome-focused measurement using KPI metrics and performance dashboards

What's More, The DQLabs Platform Offers:
Ring Blue
Self Learning
Semantics (business context) based automated Data Quality measurement and monitoring
Ring Red
Out of the
box DQ
Self Service 100% DQ

Automate as much as possible but with relevance and self-learning capabilities
Ring Azure
Business &
Enables all Types of Users
Serve all type of users – business (Data Quality Stewards, Catalogue Governance) and technical (DataOps, Data Scientist, DevOps, Data Engineers, etc.)
DQLAB'S Offering is Revolutionary and World Renowned
Recognized as a vendor using AI-enabled methods in helping organisations deliver quality data in the December 2020 “Building Automation into Your Data Quality Initiatives” report by Gartner.
MS Azure
For the City of Spokane, WA, DQLabs together with Azure Databricks, achieved a 50% lower total cost of ownership by reducing the amount of manual labour required to classify, organize, de-identify, de-duplicate and correct incoming data as well as lower costs to maintain and operate their information systems as data volumes increase.
DQLabs’ CEO and Founder Raj Joseph belongs to the Forbes Technology Council - an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and Technology Executives.
DQLabs was the 2020 TiE50 Winner in the prestigious TiE50 Awards Program. This awards competition is a program of TiEcon, the world’s largest conference for tech entrepreneurs. DQLabs was recognized for its AI/ML augmented data quality platform and provides the organisation a unified platform with built-in processes and technologies to catalog, profile, curate, and master data with self-service capabilities.

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Let InfoBluePrint help you fast-track your Data Quality project, both architecturally and programmatically - helping you to plan, design and build a successful and sustainable Data Quality and MDM solution.

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