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Data Quality Management

Data Quality Management is a fundamental and on-going process, which benefits every business area, and helps to ensure that business information is reliable, complete, consistent, current and correctly interpreted.

Solutions: The Cost of Poor Data Quality

How InfoBluePrint Can Help

InfoBluePrint supplies a range of proven services to help companies achieve business value through effective Data Quality Management. These can be implemented as individual projects or provided as a holistic Data Quality Improvement Solution designed to address all aspects of Data Quality (DQ):

Data Quality
Health Checks

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  • Discover the current baseline state of data quality

  • Perform data profiling & identify specific data errors

  • Measure compliance of data against well-defined business and data rules

  • Quantify the extent of inaccurate, non-standardised, duplicate or missing data

Design of 
Customised DQ

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  • Perform root cause analysis

  • Identify and design corrective & preventive interventions required

  • Define programmatic and manual data cleansing solutions

  • Design processes and solutions to action activities

  • Create dashboards to communicate ongoing data quality status

Data Quality

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  • Implement data correction solutions

  • Perform programmatic and manual data cleansing supported by audit trails

  • Record match, merge, link or deduplicate

  • Build single-view of customer, product, materials, etc

  • Data enhancement and enrichment using internal and/or external data sources

  • Implement preventive measures

  • Address root cause issues

  • Formulate data governance requirements

of Data Quality

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  • Establish data quality assurance mechanisms
  • Implement production class monitoring and control solution
  • Implement data governance and data stewardship functions
  • Create ongoing processes to maintain the desired data quality targets

Data Quality Health Check

At InfoBluePrint we know that your data is your most important asset. Many businesses have found, to their detriment, that projects and services cannot be effectively delivered using unreliable data. Together with the extra pressures of ever-increasing compliance requirements, the need to boost revenues and to minimise costs, this drives the imperative to improve data quality even higher on the list of business priorities.

The InfoBluePrint Data Quality Health Check is built on a proven methodology and accompanied by a set of supporting tools that are very quick to implement, that provides a rapid and objective assessment of your existing data quality issues, straight out of the box. This service can be used stand alone or as an integrated part of projects supporting and enabling Marketing & Sales, Digital Strategies, Data Governance, Customer Centricity, Regulatory Compliance, Business Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics, System and Data Integration and Data Migrations.



Data Rules

A set of proven business & data quality rules to immediately get you up and running


A full suite of summary of dashboards, summary & detailed reports to monitor data quality


A toolkit for rapid implementation


Reliable reference data to rate your compliance with industry standards

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Master Data Quality Accelerators

Backed by the InfoBluePrint Data Quality Management Methodology, we have developed specifications, rules libraries, a regular expressions library, solution architecture, data models and reference data for South African party data (e.g. customer, supplier, counterparty, intermediary and employee) that can be leveraged to
fast track your data quality project, both architecturally and programmatically.

This solution has several benefits:

  • Realise the value and ROI of a data quality software technology purchase much faster

  • Avoid time-consuming and costly trial and error development that is inherent to data quality assessment and data cleansing activity

  • Immediate access to tried and tested reference data gathered over many years, specifically in the SA context

  • Comprehensive libraries of proven business and data rules and regular expressions (regexes) for data validation & correction

  • Consistent and reliable results

  • Common data models for any data source and any data structure, resulting in re-use and benefit from the same data quality assessment and cleansing code

  • Audited programmatic data cleansing – detailed visibility of what was cleansed and why

  • Modular design for complete customisation and easy maintenance

Customisable Features - Overview

Data Quality Assessment

Data quality assessment & validation

Data Classification

Data Classification

Repair of Data

Repair of mis-fielded data and derivation of missing data


Data cleansing &  standardisation

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Our Data Quality Accelerators have been successfully deployed in 
the following technologies:


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