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Make your Data Accessible, Trustworthy, & High Quality

OvalEdge is a Data Catalogue designed for End-to-End Data Governance and company-wide adoption.

InfoBluePrint, in partnership with OvalEdge, offers a cutting-edge solution for organisations seeking comprehensive data governance and widespread data adoption. Our implementation of OvalEdge's Data Catalogue platform enables quick, automated cataloguing of data from all sources, facilitating immediate exploration and utilisation.

What We Deliver Through OvalEdge:

Data Catalogue

Data Catalogue

Unlock the Future of Data Management:

Dive into OvalEdge Data Catalogue, your all-encompassing marketplace for all your organisational data. Effortlessly search, explore, and access your data assets with the ease of an Amazon-like experience. From natural language searches to discovering interconnected datasets, achieve a comprehensive view of your data's relationships, lineage, and profiles. OvalEdge fosters collaboration, allowing direct communication within the platform, thereby eliminating inefficient email exchanges. Enjoy seamless integration with your preferred tools, and benefit from automated catalogue building processes that enhance data insights and save time. With OvalEdge, step into a new era of data management where convenience meets compliance.

Data Quality

Data Quality

Enhance Decision-Making with Superior Data Quality:

Enhance your data quality using OvalEdge's blend of advanced tools and methodologies, designed for proactive and on-demand needs. The approach allows you to identify issues before they arise, manage the data quality lifecycle, and ensure the integrity of third-party data. Track your data quality initiatives with precision, tailor anomaly detection rules to your needs, and address discrepancies with OvalEdge's analytical tools. By prioritising preventative measures, continuous improvement, and collaborative solutions, OvalEdge empowers you to uphold the highest data quality standards, laying the groundwork for informed business decisions.

Data Lineage

Data Lineage

Visualise and Manage Data Flows with Ease:

With OvalEdge, streamline your data flow visualisation and management. The sophisticated lineage tools boost productivity, reinforce data confidence, and ensure compliance, mapping data flows to the column level across various platforms. Benefit from detailed impact analyses, transparent data transformations, and regulatory compliance assurances. OvalEdge simplifies data lineage with system, object, and attribute-level insights, facilitating collaboration and conflict resolution. Powered by advanced algorithms, the platform automates lineage creation, unlocking new efficiencies and simplifying data management.

Data Privacy and Access

Data Privacy and Access

Seamless Data Access in a Secure Environment:

OvalEdge revolutionises data access while safeguarding privacy, compliance, and security. Streamline the enforcement of complex data policies across various systems, ensuring adherence to regulations such as POPIA, GDPR, CCPA, BCBS, and SOX. The platform provides centralised control over data management, offers a self-service discovery and access platform, and integrates seamlessly with Data Access, Quality, Catalogue, Lineage, and Business Glossary features. Draft and implement practical, compliant data access policies with tools for AI-powered classification, data protection, and monitoring.

All this delivered with the benefits of:


Deploy your Data Catalog automatically within weeks, accelerate data-driven insights and decisions.


Improve data literacy, quality and accessibility through secure, compliant access and comprehensive literacy programs, fostering organisation-wide data adoption.


Empower users with self-service tools that align with their work styles, enhancing productivity and decision-making.


OvalEdge offers a swift payback in less that six months, proving to be a cost-effective strategy for data governance and adoption.

For more information on OvalEdge, visit: Let InfoBluePrint help you fast-track your Data Management initiatives, both architecturally and programmatically - helping you to plan, design and build sustainable Data Management for your organisation.

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