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The Importance of Data Quality Training

In recent years the accuracy of information has become increasingly important to business success, putting a prominent focus on data quality. With the growing emphasis on Quality, businesses are looking to all employees to play a part in the Data Quality process. However, in order for employees to play that key role in the data quality process, businesses need to empower their employees by investing in training.

Employees are normally trained 'how to do the job'. Typically they are not trained in the effect their job has on the Data / Information they create, modify, and use on a daily basis. Employees need to see the bigger picture when it comes to Data Quality; they need to understand how the data is being used and how a business is impacted if the data is not used correctly, or if the data used is inaccurate.

Employees are generally not aware of:

  • The downstream effects of how they create the data;
  • Regulatory / Compliance requirements;
  • Data protection requirements;
  • The risks of inappropriate handling of information.

In short they are not aware of what Data Quality means and why it is important to successful business operations.

We are all too familiar with the phrase 'Data is an asset'. What does this actually mean? For example, data as a business asset provides a single holistic view of customers which helps organisations improve their customer interactions. Businesses can leverage the value of this data to better understand customers, improving the way they interact with them and in turn also improving customer experience overall.

Well, let's go back to basics. Employees need to be upskilled and trained within the Data Quality realm and understand why data should be treated as a business asset. Training is key to equip employees to play a part in end to end Data Quality Management.

All employees should understand:

  • Importance of data and information to their job and to the organisation as a whole;
  • Issues, risks and impact of poor data quality;
  • What are the best practices for data quality?
  • How does one address and resolve data quality issues?

Where does one start? A well-rounded training program for various employee roles on Data Quality Management is essential in helping transform organisational culture to welcome, understand and embrace the importance of data quality.

InfoBluePrint, specialists in Information Management solutions, offers a range of courses that addresses these points, allowing business users to get a better understanding of Data Quality and motivating them to strive towards achieving it.

For a detailed breakdown of our range of courses, please visit InfoBluePrint Training.

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