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InfoBluePrint Offers Online, Public and In-House
Data Management Workshops

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InfoBluePrint offers a range of courses to assist organisations large or small
to understand, implement and manage all aspects of data management.

Our training programme includes:

  • Short awareness workshops, designed for managers and staff, who only need an overview in order to understand the concepts and key issues of the topic being presented.
  • Comprehensive full day or two-three day courses, designed for practitioners who need to fully understand the subject in order to put into practice the topic being presented.
  • InfoBluePrint provide public, in-house courses. The public courses are presented at regular intervals, while our private course are delivered in-house and can be customised to focus on an organisation's particular needs, scheduled when and where convenient for participants, and delivered using terminology, examples and case studies specifically tailored for the company, ensuring that delegates can easily align the concepts being taught to their own business environment and data issues experienced.


Upcoming Online Workshops

2022 Workshops

Introduction to Data Management: 19 April, 03 May, 07 June, 16 August, 18 October

How to Implement Practical Data Quality Management: 19-21 April, 03-05 May, 07-09 June, 16-18 August, 18-20 October

Data Quality Awareness: 06 June, 15 August, 17 October

Implementing your Data Governance Approach: 13-14 June, 24-25 August, 25-26 October

PoPIA Awareness: On Request

Preparing for PoPIA: On Request

Non-Invasive Data Governance Education: On Request

Our Training Workshops

Training: Introduction to Data Management

Introduction to Data Management 
(1/2 Day)

The objective of this workshop is to provide the participants with an understanding of the basics of Data Management, and why it is important to achieving the organisation’s business goals.

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Training: Data Quality Awareness

Data Quality Awareness (1 Hour)

The objective of the workshop is to explain why data quality is so important to an organisation, and to instil a sense of 'data quality-mindedness' in staff.

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Training: How To Implement Data Quality Management

How to Implement Practical Data Quality Management (3 Days)

This workshop will provide the participants with an understanding of the basics of Data Quality Management, and the steps required to implement a Data Quality Management process. We designed it as a ‘Practitioners Workshop’ and will assist those charged with investigating or improving Data and/or Information Quality.

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Training: Implementing a Strategy for Data Governance

Implementing your Data Governance Approach (2 Days)

This workshop will provide the participants with an understanding of the issues facing an organisation considering or embarking on a Data Governance initiative, of which Data Stewardship is an essential component, providing a roadmap for a successful implementation process.

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Training: PoPI Awareness

PoPIA Awareness (1 Hour)

The objective of this workshop is to raise awareness of PoPIA and to ensure staff gain a basic understanding of what PoPIA is all about and how it impacts an organisation’s processes and controls.

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Training: Preparing for PoPI

Preparing for PoPIA (1 Day)

This workshop will provide the participants with the skills to fast-track your organisation’s ability to comply with the requirements of PoPIA. This workshop will provide an overview of PoPIA as well as a practical approach to developing and implementing a PoPI strategy based on an understanding of all aspects of the Act.

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