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Training: PoPI Awareness

PoPIA Awareness

Course dates

3rd & 18th May (1 Hour)

Course type



1 hour

No. of participants

All employees



Workshop overview

The objective of this workshop is to raise awareness of PoPIA and to ensure staff gain a basic understanding of what PoPIA is all about and how it impacts an organisation’s processes and controls.

PoPIA cannot be ignored

PoPIA was enacted to protect personal information. The collation and processing of personal data is central to all business activities. Everyone in an organisation is bound to work with personal information in some form or the other and needs to understand the basics of PoPIA.

This workshop will cover the following aspects:

  • Background and purpose of the PoPI Act
  • The 8 Conditions of PoPIA
  • The rights of data subjects
  • Application of PoPIA
  • Important definitions e.g.
    • “Personal Information”
    • “Responsible party”
  • Processing limitations
  • Exemptions
  • Duties and Responsibilities of information officers
  • Criminal Liability ito PoPIA – consequence of non-compliance

Learning outcomes

After attending this workshop, delegates will have an understanding of:

  • What PoPI is all about; Why PoPI exists; Who PoPI applies to and How this impacts on the organisation’s business
  • The 8 conditions of PoPIA and the consequences of non-compliance

Intended participants

This is an ideal workshop for everyone in the organisation to attend and to include as part of your induction for all new employees so that they have a good understanding of PoPIA and its effects from the onset of joining your organisation.

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